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15-16 May 2017 – Guest Speaker Fabrizia Costa
Out of the Box Business Workshop


"My photos are good, and I keep getting better, but I can't seem to find enough clients to keep my business going..."
"In my area there's too much competition, I have to keep my prices low otherwise I'll lose all my clients..."
"I don't know how to price my products or the best way to present my offers, I see what others are doing and it's all very confusing..."
"I don't even know if my photos are good enough to charge what I would like to charge... I feel I'm not quite there yet..."
"Everybody wants digital files... how can I sell anything else!"
Does any of this sound familiar?
Digital photography may have opened the door to many of us to follow our passion, but at the same times it's created a series of challenges that simply were not there in the age of film. And if you're experiencing any of the the situations described above... rest assured that you're not alone!

Whether you're starting up in business, or have been running it for years (or trying to find a way to leave your job and get it going!), there's always a time when you feel stuck on some things and can't quite break through to the next level. Maybe figuring out the best way to do your pricing, or set up your workflow. Or just knowing what to do next in order to be most effective and not waste time.


TWO DAYS of deep, intensive coaching on every aspect of the photography business, starting at whichever level you are right now. A lot of you are fantastic photographers, but you haven't got clients and you don't know why! And maybe you've attended lots of workshops, bought online courses, and joined endless Facebook groups, only to find conflicting information because everyone seems to be doing it differently... and in the end most of that doesn't work for you.

Outside the Box is for driven, ambitious photographers who are ready to grow their business, get out of the competition rat-race and make a mark in this world through their skills, talents and passion.    
We need to invest in ourselves if we want our business to thrive, and reach the goals we set in the shortest time and with the least amount of effort (and failures). You don't have to re-invent the wheel every time! That's why I decided to offer  a full, intensive, 2-day experience specifically dedicated to portrait and wedding photographers, and I'm inviting Fabrizia Costa to be our guest speaker for the workshop . Are you ready to take a leap forward in your business? Then welcome aboard!

About Fabrizia...
She’s a portrait and wedding photographer, but also specializes in coaching photographers to help them raise the level of their work and reach their full potential in every area of their lives.
In Italy she was behind the creation of the Toolbox Boot Camp, a three-day intensive workshop dedicated to photographers who want to change their work and their lives. She also offers a 1:1 Coaching Program for those who want to dig deeper and get further. 
Her work is all about deep shifts in perspective, seeing things with new eyes, and thinking outside the box. Doing things differently from anyone else, and communicating that effectively, comes from looking deeply at ourselves and making changes as we grow to bring our business to where we want it.
You can join her in the Facebook group Outside the Box Evolution - English for videos and tutorials.
Incredibly simple. But very effective.
The Workshop is extremely practical and filled with ideas and strategies that you can put into practice straightaway (and it's also designed to help you make your money back immediately, which really doesn't hurt).

Here are a few of the topics we'll tackle:

 Portrait Psychology
 Why family and personal portraits are important and how to communicate it to our clients.
 Putting YOU in your Business
 Developing your confidence and discovering your uniqueness to step out of the competition  and attract your perfect clients.
 Selling the Experience
 Making sure your clients rave about you even before they see their images 
 The Importance of Printing
 Financial Management
 Calculating costs, defining goals, and how to get there.
 Portraits and Wedding
 Differences in communication, marketing and sales.
 Before Shooting
 Communicating with clients to work better and increase sales.
 Managing emails, phone calls, and price inquiries.
 Meeting Clients
 Where and how to meet your clients, even without a studio, and how to manage it in detail.
 The Importance of Connection,and how it can affect every aspect of your sales
 Defining Your Offer
 Making a strategic price list to never leave money on the table again.
 Packages yes or no?
 Why a premium offer raises the value of all the others.   
 Acquiring Clients
 Simple and organic ways to book shoots all year round.
 Selling your work 7 times
 Taking IPS to a whole new level, with or without a studio.
 Why "Selling" is not a Dirty Word
 How to be at ease when we talk about money.
 The Importance of Partnerships
 How to find the right partners for your business, and boost sales for both.
 The Difference between USA and Europe
 How to sell and expand in a market that (almost) doesn't exist.
 Internet, Social Media and Visibility
 How to make a detailed plan to reach the right clients for you.
 Creating Opportunities
 How taking one step at the right time can radically change your life and your business.
 Overcoming Overwhelm
 Intelligent planning and goal setting to finally run your business from a place of freedom and joy.
 Confronting Self Sabotage
 The pitfalls we all encounter on the road to success.
 How to recognize them, deal with them, and learn to use them to our advantage.
 The difference between Being and Doing
 Getting into the right mindset to achieve the results you’re aiming for and more!
 Q&A - Time for specific questions and personal consultancies


Yes, it is! This workshop is for professionals who are committed to raise the level of their work and increase their income this year. 
It's intensive and deeply engaging, but we're also going to have some fun!
It’s for professional photographers who have been in business for decades, as well as new photographers who are just starting their business or are still working out how to leave their 9-5 jobs. Wherever you're at, we will focus on getting you to the next level, and then the next... 
The best investment you can make to get your business where you want it is to invest in YOURSELF.
When you grow, everything grows. When you change, everything changes.
Are you ready to create your own work, and your own life, just as you want it?
If your answer is a resounding YES, you're in the right place!

If you're traveling to Boerne and need hotel bookings and traveling info, just contact us and we'll help you out!

Including workshop materials, extra goodies and lots of coffee 
ALTERNATIVE DATES -  A VIP workshop may be available on May 17-18 if you can’t join us during the weekend. Places will be very limited so please contact us for details if you’re interested. 

*Outside the Box Workshops are dedicated to professional photographers, who can also bring their assistants and staff. To get the assistant price, they must be accompanied by a full price employer. All prices include tax.